We would recommend the Aligator System to anyone – it’s easy to use and maintain.

Why choose Aligator – It’s easy for us at Aligator to tell you that our product is good for your health or your business, but to truly experience the benefits of the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System you have to try it for yourself. Following are letters we have received from residential and commercial customers praising our water ionisation systems.

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I have friends who have the rubbish salt system in their pool and are fed up with it ! They still get algae …

They saw my swimming pool yesterday and were amazed! To prove how effective the Aligator system is, I put some pool water in my pastis and drank it … that sold the idea.

I told them that they would need to empty and clean their pool and then start afresh with the Aligator system and they too could have a pool that looks (and tastes) as good as mine.

We’ve had our pool for 21 years, and are using the original liner, pump and filter, thanks to the Aligator Ioniser system and regular back washing it still sparkles like new. I only have to replace the ionisers every 2 – 3 years – probably had 9 or 10 sets in the 21 years we have had the pool.

The water in my pool is always crystal clear and sparkles and I use minimal chemicals but backwash on at least a weekly basis. No question that the main reason we have had trouble free pool maintenance is down to the Aligator System.

Terry Lawrence


“It is with great pleasure that I write to thank you for for the revolutionary transfer of my humble swimming pool into one suitable to be on the face of a postcard to send to family and friends.

Our 13 X 4 meters pool was never satisfactory for the last 12 years. We always had problems with algae and when this was treated, the clarity was reasonable at best. As part of our refurbishment, we added a new skimmer and installed an aligator. Within days, something amazing happened which was not related to the rest of our refurbishment. The water turned into deep blue colour to reflect the beauty of the ceramic tiles and the constant (almost daily) check of chemicals reveals ideal values every time.

In a way, this has become a disadvantage! We now are embarking on a series of invitation to friends and relatives to show off and to enjoy the summer BBQ in a way we had never had before. We also developed a sudden interest in buying goggles to enjoy diving and admiring the underwater scenes. However, this spending spree is offset by the saving on unnecessary chemicals and the emotional satisfaction that we are experiencing.

Purchasing the aligator was the single most important step in the life of our swimming pool and I strongly recommend it to every swimming pool owner.”

Professor Adil AL-Nahhas
Ruislip, Middlesex

“We have been designing indoor swimming pools full time, for several decades. In that time, we have also seen many pool sanitation systems come and go. We are therefore very careful before recommending any product or specifying it on our designs.

After making something of a study of all such systems available, we came down strongly in favour of the Aligator ioniser, used in combination with a background chlorine dosing and ph control.

We have included the Aligator on all our domestic designs for the last ten years and on a few commercial projects where deemed suitable. It is easy to install and maintain. It saves on chlorine. It is good value for money. It does its job. We have had no problems with any of these installations and customers report crystal clear water.”

Michael Cormacey, Managing Director
Aqua Blue Designs, Hampshire, UK

Château de Jonquières, France“Since we use the ‘aligator system’ our B&B clients really appreciate the quality of the pool water as we add very little chlorine.

Very easy to install and to use.

Economic with very small consumption of traditional products.”

François et Isabelle de Cabissole,
Jonquières, France

“I am pleased to take this opportunity to say how delighted we are with the performance of the Aligator. We decided to fit the system following an extended visit by our daughter and her family from New Zealand, three years ago. Much though our grandchildren enjoyed the pool, two of them suffered significant skin reaction, which we could only attribute to the chlorine.

Last spring, on hearing of their proposed return, we began looking at alternatives to chlorine. You answered all the questions which we posed via our supplier, Jo Roberts of ‘Seek-a-Leek’ Pool Services, and we decided to fit the Aligator.

We were delighted to find that those same children had no skin problems. Furthermore the entire family has been impressed not only with the increased softness of the water, but also the spectacular level of clarity which has resulted.

My wife and I have no chlorine allergy problems ourselves, but naturally we are delighted with the dramatic reduction in its use. The small amount now needed means an absence of any smells, eye reactions or indeed any awareness of the minimal level of chlorine.

A happy experience – the system has delivered just what we hoped!”

Chris Hawkes
Bedfordshire, UK


Florida Pools & Spas, UK

“Florida Pools has been the sole Channel Island agent for the Aligator purification system for over ten years now, and after continued positive feedback from our clients I thought I’d pass on the information for your perusal.

During the mid 90’s I was looking for a way of sanitizing swimming pool water without the need for heavy chemical dosing. I, like many pool companies, had gone down the salt chlorination route as a substitute and was disillusioned with the results.

That is when I investigated the Aligator purification unit, having liked what the research I read was saying, I installed our first unit in May 1996. The Aligator performed better than expected, allowing for the pool chemical levels to be drastically reduced whilst giving almost total virus protection, and producing water that was sparklingly clear.

Since this first Aligator installation, and on the back of its growing excellent reputation, every new pool build I now undertake has an alligator unit fitted as standard. No longer do I have the scenario of swimming pools being left all week with the solar covers on, only for our clients to uncover them for the weekend use, to find cloudy or green water. This means we have many happy clients and as you know, it is impossible to put a value on the recommendation these clients give a company.

As our business expanded and we started undertaking swimming pool contracts for clients with ‘maison secondaires’ in France, so the Aligator unit came into its own again. These clients usually use these homes sporadically during the summer months and want the pool to be ready for use during these visits. The feedback received indicates the Aligator achieves this, by purifying the pool water when they are not there, ensuring the pool is ready for use on their arrival with minimal maintenance required.

In short David, what you have with the Aligator is a system of purifying swimming pool water that my clients find works extremely well. they are pleased because the feedback indicates it lowers their chlorine use and costs, gives them piece of mind against water born viruses and produces unsurpassed water clarity. I am pleased because our clients have confidence in my operation which extends to future products I can sell them.

On a personal note I wish you continued success with the Aligator purification unit and look forward to working with you in the future.”

Garry Hotton
Florida Pools & Spas, Jersey, UK

Geoffey Bell Jones, UK“The Aligator Swimming pool Water Purification System has now been operating in the swimming pool at my villa in Crete for the past five years.

The system has been maintenance free, reliable and very user friendly. Even changing the electrodes was a job that I could complete very quickly.

I arrive in Crete knowing that my pool water will be crystal clear, free from algae and bacteria and ready to use immediately.

It’s just a delight to swim in crystal clear water that is not heavily dosed with chemicals, infact I pride myself on running the pool with virtually no chlorine.”

Geoffey Bell Jones
Felixtowe, UK

Ian Armstrong, Italy“I wanted to let you know how the two Aligator systems that I had installed in some friends pools that I was looking after this past summer have performed.

As you know I have had one on my own pool at our Tuscan villa since day one and it is always a pleasure to rock up and know that the pool water will be sparkling and the pool algae free.

The other two pools I took on this summer had been real problem pools in the past with frequent algae problems and high chemical usage rates. I only took them on on the basis that the owners install an Aligator before the season started and guess what ……. not a problem all summer, clear, clean and algae free for the whole period.

The owners just couldn’t believe it.”

Ian Armstrong
Soianna, Italy

Island Landscapes, UK“I just thought I would let you know how pleased we are with the introduction of the Aligator to the water feature at Saltdown.

For a long period of time we have had difficulty in maintaining the quality of water in our water feature. At times the water has turned green and was like pea soup, which is not appealing to the eye.

Having installed an Aligator the water is crystal clear and our customer is now more than satisfied. In addition to this, our use of chemicals in the water has decreased substantially”.

Darrell Graham
Island landscapes Ltd, UK

Octopus Pools, Cyprus“For just over a year we have been supplying and installing Aligator swimming pool water purification systems. Our experience with them has exceeded our expectations. Stubborn algae in hard to reach places and slippery steps are no longer an issue. Chlorine levels are so low that they are negligible.

The original Aligator we fitted has performed extremely well, even in the very high temperatures and UV of Cyprus in mid summer. Electricity charges in TRNC are quite high and the low running cost of the Aligator system makes it a very competitive pool purification system.

Our customers are delighted with them.”

Vaughan Williams, Technical Sales Director
Octopus Pools, Cyprus

Having used my indoor pool for several years using chlorine based disinfection, I developed asthma like symptoms. My first search on a medical database returned 81 references to chlorine related breathing problems. Having changed to your Aligator System, I can report that my respiratory symptoms have resolved.

Dr J.E.G Walker MB; BS; MA

Reverend Ray Tristan-Brown, Spain“We are delighted with the purchase of our Aligator Ionizer system which we have had installed now for one year.

In that year our water has gone from highly chlorinated, with algae problems, and dull tired looking water to crystal clear and sparkling water with no problems at all. The family and visitors to our house just love the fact that our pool does not leave a smell of chlorination on their bodies and does not sting their eyes.

We also had a large pool in Cyprus before we came to live in Spain and if we had known about this amazing system we would never have had to suffer the horrendous problems we had with our pool there. This has been the most economical and efficient purchase for our pool ever.”

Reverend Ray Tristan-Brown
Granada, Spain

Sealife & Marine Sanctuary“The Scarborough SEA LIFE & Marine Sanctuary is home to a wide range of animals. We have found over the years that we have increased the biological mass in our seal pools and penguin pools, and with this came extra cleaning. Aligator systems came to my rescue with an amazing piece of kit, copper treatments!

We first trialled this on our penguin pool as we could never get rid of brown water. Our pool had clarity after 7 days, and I was impressed. With having such a good trial of the copper system SEA LIFE then invested in the same system for our seal pools.

I would recommend this product to anyone – it’s easy to use and maintain.”

Lyndsey Crawford
Scarborough SEA LIFE, UK

The Wright Way“I run a small swim school in a 12 x 5 metre private pool, I had an alligator system fitted a year ago and think it’is the best thing ever.

I have worked in big sports centre in the past and have always found my skin suffered with the high use of chlorine and could always smell it after.

Since using the alligator system I only have to use 0.6-1.0 chlorine which is really easy to control.

I run children swimming lessons and adult, baby classes and the parents always comment on how clean it is and that they can’t smell the chlorine!!

I also have children come swimming to the Wright way swim school that have eczema or sensitive skin!!”

Kerry Wright
The Wright Way, Coggeshall, UK

“We fitted our first Aligator 15 years ago. Our customers have been very happy with the result. In fact, I have not had one complaint in 15 years.”

Kevin Lay, Contracts Manager
Merlin Pools, Colchester, UK

“Our customers swear by them. We have been fitting Aligator for five years; we now fit them on every new pool build.”

Jim Gunton
Gunton Pools, Essex, UK

“It works brilliantly. I keep my chlorine at 0.5 ppm; it’s one of the easiest systems I have used on the pool.”



Malcolm Peter
Essex, UK

Scott Jaynes, St. Kitts, West Indies“My Aligator system was installed on my St. Kitts infinity edge swimming pool in August of 2010. The pool was two years old and it had been a “salt” pool from the day it was completed. The salt water would spill over the trough in high winds and was killing the grass and shrubs planted below.

After draining and refilling the pool with fresh water after installation of the Aligator it took about two months for the Aligator system to fully “treat” the water.

My wife and I are really enjoying the clarity of the pool water as well as the grounds below the infinity edge are now supporting grass and plant life again! I can now use my “backwash” water as irrigation water with no fear of salt contamination.

The Aligator system is such an easy system to use, has performed wonderfully, and has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it!”


Scott Jaynes
St. Kitts, West Indies

IbizaI was first made aware of the Aligator System for Swimming pools some years ago when my sister fitted one to her pool in the UK.   The  water is always crystal clear and there is no strong smell of chlorine.

When we built our swimming pool at our home on the island of Ibiza last year, the obvious  choice was to fit an Aligator System, having seen the results achieved by it in the UK my only doubt was that it would not be able to maintain the water to such a high standard due to the extremely  high temperatures  in the Summer months and the extreme bather load of our swimming pool.

This doubt was completely unfounded as the Aligator has maintained  the pool water crystal clear with the minimum amount of chlorine and no form of chemical anti-algaecide treatment and as novice first-time pool  owners we were advised by various friends and professional swimming pool suppliers to expect our pool to turn green at some time in the first year of having it operational.

My children have enjoyed a full summers bathing without experiencing any sore eyes or skin irritation, and when they come out of the pool they don’t have the strong odour of chlorine in their hair and their swimwear that can be caused by highly chlorinated waters.  By keeping the chlorine to an absolute minimal amount we have the added bonus of being able to use the water from the backwash to irrigate the garden – this is an absolute god-send on an Island such as Ibiza where water supply is fairly limited.

All in all I cannot fault the Aligator System, In fact I have been so impressed by it, I have now decided to become a distributor of the Aligator System on the Island!

Nichola Baxter

Milsom HotelsMicrotech-Aligator provides crystal clear water for Maison Talbooth Hotel.

The Challenge
To provide the luxurious Maison Talbooth Hotel guests with crystal clear swimming pool water for a great swimming experience throughout the year.

The Solution
Aligator Systems UK Ltd and Kingfisher Poolcare Ltd provided and installed a commercial MicrotechAligator Systems specifically designed for the UK Hotel and Leisure Market.

The Result
Paul Milsom, Managing Director states that, “After only 3 months we have reduced the amount of chlorine we use by over half. The benefit of this is significant, not just in terms of time and cost, but also by improved water clarity and enjoyment of the pool, and those with sensitive skin have noticed the difference. It is such a simple system to use and it has exceeded our expectations, I therefore highly recommend it”.

Milsom Hotels & Restaurants