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Weymouth Sea Life Centre

The seals at the Seal Sanctuary at Merlin Entertainment Sea Life Park in Weymouth Dorset are much happier thanks to the newly installed Aligator Commercial Water Purification system which uses Copper Electrolysis to reduce the growth of algae in the Aqua Park water tanks.

Merlin Entertainments Group, owners of international aquarium brand SEA LIFE™, were looking to reduce the growth of algae in their water tanks using an eco-friendly water purification system. The water in the tanks was often opaque, sometimes resulting in less than 1 metre of viewable water.

Together with Bi-Water Leisure, Microtech/Aligator installed mechanical filtration and two Bacteriological Control Units at the SEA LIFE Weymouth site in the UK. Aligator Electrodes in the units use a form of ionic water treatment (copper electrolysis) to inject low levels of copper and silver ions into the water that inhibit algae and bacteria growth. The result of this water ionisation process was a clear, safe pool for the seals without the use of chemicals – much better for the seals and the environment.

At long last the seals have crystal clear water and the public can now watch the seals throughout the tank. The magic of copper electrolysis!

Aligator systems have continued to work with Merlin Entertainments on other sites, including:

  • Deep sea World, Edinburgh
  • Flamingo Land, Yorkshire
  • London Dungeons
  • National Seal Sanctuary, Gweek
  • Penguin Beach, London Zoo
  • Safari Park, Longleat
  • Sea Life, Blankenberg
  • Sea Life, Scarborough
  • Sea Life, Weymouth
  • St Andrews Aquarium, St Andrews
  • Twycross Zoo, Twycross

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London Zoo “Penguin Beach” – England’s biggest Penguin Pool

Penguin Beach recreates a South American Beach Landscape in the heart of London with stunning colonies of Blackfooted, Rock Hopper, Humboldt and Macaroni Penguins. The exhibits 1200 square meter pool is four times bigger and three times deeper that the Zoo’s old pool and will hold 450,00 litres of water.  The Microtech-Aligator Water Purification System was installed by Marine Aquaculture. Using a form of ionic water treatment and copper electrolysis the six ionisation chambers will prevent algae growth in the algae growth in the new penguin pools, which will reflect in the clarity of the water.

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