Getting Started

Monitor your Aligator system for the first six weeks for optimum swimming pool maintenance

After initial installation of the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System, or when the water in the pool has been changed, chemical dosing of the pool with chlorine should still take place as part of a regular swimming pool maintenance programme, gradually reducing the amount used until a chlorine level of 0.8ppm is reached.

During this start-up period, free chlorine levels must be maintained either at the higher level of 2.0 to 3.0ppm or at the original level in the water before the Microtech Aligator system was installed. Copper levels will gradually build up during the start-up period to reach between 0.2 to 0.6ppm. When this level has been reached the free chlorine dosage may be reduced to achieve the Normal Operation level. Copper levels should then be maintained between 0.2-0.6ppm.

The presence of the low level copper, silver and zinc ions in the pool water (ionic water treatment) maintains a continuous background level of sanitation helping to kill off any algae and bacteria present in the water during the start up period. This prevents the formation of e-coli, legionella bacteria etc helping to offer Legionella protection, without adding any toxicity to the water and offering a viable, cost-saving, eco-friendly water purification process.

Aligator Electrodes Monitoring

It is important to monitor the colour of the Aligator electrodes once a week. If the system is working properly, the electrodes will be a blue/green colour. Should any white scaling appear, simply remove it gently with a soft, clean cloth. Continue to check the balance of the water once a week and adjust accordingly as part of your Aligator water treatment plan.

Vacuuming and Backwashing

During the first six weeks, especially the first two, frequent vacuuming and backwashing is needed to clear away the residue of solids being created by the purifying action of the Aligator. It is this action that makes the water crystal clear.

After a period of time, which will vary depending on how contaminated the water was before the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System was fitted, no more solids will be visible on the bottom of the pool. At this point vacuuming and backwashing may be resumed at normal frequency. Ongoing visual inspection of the bottom of the pool is recommended. A frequent vacuuming and backwashing policy is absolutely essential for good swimming pool maintenance.