Water Recycling

Ionic water treatment is the ideal chlorine alternative in water recycling applications


The Microtech Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System is effective in Legionella protection and management of other waterborne bacteria. The units fit directly into the water systems and produce a continuous residual non-chemical disinfectant, eliminating the need for high temperatures and chemicals, resulting in measurable cost savings in energy consumption.

The use of chlorine can be drastically reduced in applications such as washing railway carriages, coaches, cars and lorries. This offers health benefits to your staff by reducing the undesirable side effects often associated with chlorine and other chemicals such as red burning eyes, bleached clothing, dry skin and chlorine odours.

Water features

Water features in shopping centres, hotels and residential areas need to be free of algae and bacteria for both aesthetic and hygienic reasons. The Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System will enable you to reduce chlorine and chemical usage by up to 75%, resulting in a safer, odour free environment with crystal clear water. It provides an effective algae treatment whilst allowing you to enjoy considerable cost savings over conventional chemical-only water purification water treatment systems.


Chlorine is a harmful chemical which requires controlled handling and storage. Additional chemicals such as stabilisers and algaecides are required to be added to the pool water which are also costly and harmful themselves. Cyanuric acid is a by product from stabilised chlorine and will build up to high levels which will inhibit the effectiveness of the chlorine, therefore the pool water will need to be dumped before replenishment with fresh water, which is wasteful and contaminating. The backwash water will destroy plants and is harmful to the aquatic environment.

Unlike other systems, the Microtech Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System is an Eco-friendly water purification system and when it is used in swimming pools, the backwash water can be used for irrigation, as long as chlorine levels are less than 0.5 PPM.

Whatever your water recycling application, we are able to advise, install and monitor a Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System to suit your requirements.

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