The installation of an Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System is quick and simple, infact it’s easy as 1-2-3.

  • 1: Mounting the chamber – Remove a short section of pipe between the pump and the filter and replace it with the electrode chamber.
  • 2: Mounting the BCU – Attach the Aligator control panel to the wall.
  • 3: Wiring – Connect the cables and plug into a standard electrical outlet.

The Microtech – Aligator Bacteriological Control Unit (BCU) has been designed to be fully adjustable and able to generate energised copper, silver and zinc ions into a free flow water system, or closed recirculation system. This process known as water ionisation results in an eco-friendly water purification process. Each chamber contains a pair of Aligator electrodes with a maximum size of 90mm x 19mm. The Bacteriological Control Unit (BCU) is pre-set from the factory for maximum output, but if necessary can be adjusted to suit individual requirements by following the instructions set out below.

1. Mounting the Chamber

The chamber can be mounted vertically or horizontally. Before attaching the chamber to the filtration system, ensure the pipe has been cleaned with abrasive pipe cleaner and eco cleaner. ABS One Step Solvent Cement should be used to glue the system to the pipework.

2. Mounting the Bacteriological Control Unit (BCU)

Mount the BCU on the wall as close to the electrode chambers as is practical. The outside case of the unit is IP65 (IEC 60529:1989) rated, so is therefore splash proof. The display on the controller is sensitive to viewing direction. It is designed to be read from a 45o above the horizontal and 10o below the horizontal. Therefore mounting the controller to high or low will result in the data on the display being un-readable.

3. Wiring

All terminals enter and leave the BCU (Bacteriological Control Unit) from the bottom panel. These are clearly marked on the connectors inside the bottom panel. Please note, power supply is 220/240 volt single phase.

Cables supplying the electrode chamber should not be more than 5 metres in length and can be made up from standard 1.5mm double cable (ie normal cable used to wire household applances).

For more detailed installation instructions and diagrams, please see our instruction manual >