Reduced Chlorine Levels in Swimming Pools

The success of the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System has firmly established our position as a market leader in the UK and beyond. Our residential Aligator system is designed for private market and family swimming pools, both indoors and out. The fully automated system has now been installed in thousands of residential pools all over the world and we continually receive correspondance from clients delighted with the results and the reduced chlorine levels in swimming pools.

The benefits of the Aligator Water Purification System:

  • Crystal clear water for a great swimming experience. Pool water is maintained to drinking quality water standard
  • Reduced chlorine levels in swimming pools – perfect for children and allergy sufferers. Reduces the undesirable side effects often associated with chlorine and  other chemicals such as red burning eyes, bleached swimming costumes, dry skin and chlorine odours
  • Chlorine alternative – Far more environmentally friendly, reduces damage to the environment and pool equipment
  • The Ionic Water Treatment used by the Aligator Water Purification System means that purified ions remain in the pool and do not dissipate in heat or sunlight unlike chlorine sanitation. This is particularly important in Mediterranean countries where there is a much warmer, sunnier climate
  • Measurable cost savings of 60-75%, achieved by reduced chemical usage
  • The backwash waste water can be recycled and used to water the garden
  • Cost-effective, eco-friendly water purification system is easily installed and virtually maintenance-free
  • Automated system tells you when the Aligator electrodes need replacing

Our residential system is available in two sizes:

Single Chamber 2,000 gallons/1,000L – 22,000 gallons/100,000L
Twin Chamber 22,000 gallons/100,000L – 44,000 gallons/200,000L

We can also create custom units for individual situations.

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