Regular maintenance of the Aligator electrodes is key to a well-performing Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System

The Aligator electrodes in the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System are composed of an alloy containing silver, copper and zinc. Silver kills bacteria, copper kills algae, and the addition of zinc broadens the killing range to include black algae, which is especially common in warmer climates. This process of water ionisation helps to reduce the need for chlorine by up to 75%, making the system an effective chlorine alternative.

Particulate matter from the water may be attracted to the electrodes. These deposits are soft and porous and are easily removed by wiping with a soft cloth shortly after installation.

The Aligator electrodes are designed to wear down over a period of time. The correct wear pattern should be a progressive reduction in the diameter until the electrode is 1/4″ or slightly more than the width of a pencil. At this stage they should be replaced. With proper swimming pool water maintenance, the Aligator electrodes should last up to 18 months.

Replacing the Aligator Electrodes

The Aligator electrodes are electroplated with fine silver and individually packaged in soft tissue for protection. Replacing the electrodes is quick and easy.

Firstly switch off your system ensuring all valves are turned to stop the flow of water to the chambers. Access to the chamber is by unscrewing the top flange and gradually easing out the top transparent lid with a screw driver. A rubber ‘O’ ring situated round the base of the lid creates a seal. Once the lid has been removed the Aligator electrodes can be removed easily if necessary.

Using a pair of pliers, carefully unscrew the Aligator electrodes from the lid. Always ensure when replacing the electrodes, the rubber seal is placed against the lid followed by the plastic washer then the electrode nut. Please contact your supplier if any of these parts need replacing. When replacing the lid, make sure the lugs are in line before pushing the lid onto the chamber.

Replace the Aligator electrodes only with genuine Aligator Electrodes. If other types are used the result will be a reduction in sanitation and possible staining of the pool walls. Please contact an approved Aligator dealer to order.

The Aligator electrodes should be inspected and cleaned periodically, particularly during the first month. It is quite normal for a build up of debris to form on the surface of the electrodes, this may be removed by wiping with an absorbent cloth.

For full instructions on replacing your Aligator Electrodes as part of regular swimming pool water maintenance please consult the Microtech Aligator instructions manual >