Why Choose Aligator?

The Aligator is a world-class swimming pool water purification system and a eco-friendly, cost-effective chlorine alternative for swimming pools and hot tubs.

The benefits are crystal clear:



Fully Automated System

Reduces maintenance time

Reduces Chlorine/Chemical Use by up to 80%

Perfect for children and allergy sufferers

Eliminates Black, Yellow and Green Algae

Produces crystal clear water

Uses Natural Elements like Copper, Silver and Zinc

Chemicals are reduced to a safe level and backwash water can be used in the garden

Programmable Unit Based on Pool Size

Measured in gallons and litres, the Aligator works in conjunction with your pump to calculate optimum levels of copper and silver

Measurable Cost Savings

Eliminates the need for chlorine saturation, flocculants and algaecides

Intelligent Alarmed System

Lets you know when the electrodes need replacing or the water balance is incorrect

LCD Display

Shows current alarm status, power to the electrodes, pool settings, summer & winter mode and elapsed time

5 Year Return to Base Guarantee on Parts & Labour (excluding electrodes)

Provides peace of mind