Commercial Swimming Pool Water Treatment

The aligator® team are among world leaders in ionic water treatment. Our use of modern computer technology in combination with the unique composition and density of our specially formulated Aligator electrodes has resulted in a superior system, enabling the absolute control of energised water ionisation.

Extensive research and development into the eco-friendly water purification process and ionic treatment has culminated in an efficient product, which enables the end user to reduce chemical usage by up to 75%.

This system reduces:

  • The need for toxic chemicals and salt
  • The risks of health hazards from both the above
  • Offensive chemical odours
  • Damage to the environment
  • Damage to pool equipment

Most importantly by using the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System you can enjoy considerable cost savings over conventional chemical-only water treatment systems.

Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification Systems

The Aligator commercial swimming pool water treatment system is designed and built by Microtech, a company that has long been at the forefront of water technology and a partner with Aligator Systems. Each commercial system is individually designed and constructed to exacting requirements, for uses ranging from hospital hot water systems to seal sanctuaries.

Features of the Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System include:

  • A fully programmable Bacteriological Control Unit (BCU) that gives you control over the number of operating hours and electrical input
  • Customised Manifolds built to your specifications on site at our head office
  • Durable Chambers built with titanium bolts for effective use in salt water operations
  • Proprietary Aligator Electrodes composed of silver, copper and zinc to kill bacteria and algae
  • Higher content silver electrode available for hot water systems where the main objective is to kill bacteria, including Legionella
  • Our customer care operation will help you determine the size of system you need, as well as any special requirements. We will communicate with you throughout the entire installation period, and water testing and professional advice is always available

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