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Chlorine reduction using the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System

Water ionisation is seen as the only viable chlorine alternative for water treatment systems in the warmer Mediterranean climates. The Aligator Electrodes use a water ionisation process to generate metallic ions of copper, silver and zinc into the water (copper electrolysis). The positively charged ions are attracted to and subsequently kill the algae and bacteria. The particles remain positively charged and flocculate together to be removed from the pool water by the filter. The presence of the low level of copper, silver and zinc ions in the pool water maintains a continuous background level of sanitation to prevent the formation of e-coli, bacteria etc offering Legionalla protection, without adding any toxicity to the water. One of the most important benefits is that the disinfection provided by the copper and silver ions is residual and remains in the pool. Unlike the chlorine it does not evaporate in sunlight and is not affected by short term power cuts. This is particularly important in Mediterranean countries where there is a much warmer, sunnier climate.

In addition to the chlorine cost savings of 67% by reducing the chlorine from 3ppm to 1ppm, further chemical cost savings may be made because the silver and copper ions produced by the Aligator system removes the need for additional flocculents, water clarifiers and algaecides. The exact savings related to these chemicals will depend on the individual pool size and usage, but using the Aligator system removes the need for these additional, often expensive chemicals. As a result the Aligator is a cost-effective chlorine alternative for swimming pools.

And of course there are considerable health benefits of installing an eco-friendly water purification system like the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Treatment System. These include reducing the undesirable side effects often associated with chlorine and other chemicals such as red burning eyes, bleached swimming costumes, dry skin and chlorine odours.

As a result sales of Microtech/Aligator systems throughout Europe, particularly in the warmer countries, have been steadily increasing as property developers discover how a Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System can result in chlorine reduction and boost business. When designing and building new properties, a swimming pool can be a key element of the project. Selling in a Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System as part of the package provides a valuable added benefit and can help to close a deal.


Turkey is now a haven for tourism in the Mediterranean. The Turkish pool market has grown tremendously in the last five years with many newly built residential apartments proudly owning large swimming pool areas.

Aroks Su Hijyen Teknolojileri Ltd have been instrumental in purchasing Aligator Systems in quantities to supply swimming pool water purification to new property developments in Turkey.


CHF Real Estates and Developers are based in Agios Nikolaos, Crete and specialise in new property development. They offer free quotations for all building works and construction requirements, including swimming pools. The real estate agency has a large portfolio of properties for sale.

Splash Water Leisure is a professional operation in Crete with a portfolio of beautifully designed swimming pools. On each pool build an Aligator is fitted to ensure the swimming pool is free from algae and bacteria and the water is crystal clear.

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