Hot Water Systems

Legionella Protection with Aligator Commercial Water Purification Systems

Hot water distribution systems used in hospitals and nursing homes are primary reservoirs for Legionnaire’s disease. Hot water disinfecting can help protect against the spread of Legionella bacteria. Standard sanitisation procedures for Legionella control include chlorine treatments and superheating the system to 60°C and flushing in order to kill the Legionella bacteria.

Aligator® Commercial Water Purification Systems are designed to be used in just about every situation where water needs to be purified. The units fit directly into the water systems and produce a continuous residual non-chemical disinfectant, eliminating the need for high temperatures and chemicals. In Hot Water Systems the need to heat water to 60°C (superheat & flush) is eliminated and this gives genuine measurable cost savings in energy consumption from the outset.

The capital cost is low and easily recoverable, and maintenance costs are lower as well. Additionally, copper-silver ionisation is environmentally friendly and is safer for operators due to reduced exposure to chemicals.

Key Features & Benefits

Fully automatic system – Sends current to probes to release ions into the water
  • System is self regulating and probes are self cleaning
  • After initial installation no on-site operation is needed to change settings
  • Alarm systems can also be remotely monitored
Crystal clear, allergy-free water
  • Reduces the need for Flocculants, water clarifiers and algaecides
  • Lower chemical level and lower costs
No Chemicals Used
  • No risk to operators/users as there is no exposure to chemicals
  • Reduced cost for insurance
Low Capital cost
  • Significantly less expensive than all other water treatment systems (chlorine, UV, Ozone etc)
All parts of the system long lasting (Five Year Guarantee)
  • Low maintenance costs
Water ionisation or Ionic water treatment is the most recent development in the field of water treatment
  • Represents latest eco-friendly water purification technology
  • Lowers usage of/completely eliminates chemicals in water treatment
Hot water at 48°C
  • Cost saving per degree up to 12°C. Effective cost savings and power

Sanctuary Housing Case Study:

Sanctuary HousingThe Microtech/Aligator Commercial Water Purification System was installed for Sanctuary Housing in Barnet (UK), a home is for adults with varied and complex needs. High temperatures could not be used as a method to control and eliminate Legionella due to the risk of scalding residents. Once the system was installed the hot water was stored and distributed at 43°C, reducing heating and maintenance costs and providing Legionella protection.

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