About Aligator

Swimming Pool Water Purification

At Aligator Systems we have spent the past twenty years researching and developing a world-class eco-friendly water purification process based on ionic water treatment.

The environmentally friendly Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System combines modern computer technology with a unique composition and density of metals in our proprietary Aligator electrodes. The result is a superior system which enables the absolute control of energised water ionisation and can be completely customised to your specific requirements.

The Microtech-Aligator System is fully automated and works by harmlessly generating copper, silver and zinc ions in minute quantities into the swimming pool water. This process of silver and copper ionisation creates a residual and stable sanitiser throughout the pool. Copper and silver have been used for hundreds of years to purify water and continue to be used today for controlling algae and bacteria.

This revolutionary Swimming Pool Water Purification System reduces the need for chlorine by up to 60-75% and creates crystal clear allergy free pool water of drinking quality standard. It is still important to maintain a low level of chlorine to oxidize sweat, suntan oil, make-up and organic matter such as leaf debris. The need for flocculants, water clarifiers and algaecides is reduced and the backwash water can be recycled, for example, used for irrigation.

The Aligator offers a viable chlorine alternative and as a result can be found all over the world, in many thousands of private and public pools from Barbados to Malaysia.

The many benefits of the Aligator Swimming Pool Water Purification System means that they are also utilised in many other applications where the control of waterborne bacteria such as Legionella is needed such as Hotels, Water Features, Grey Water Systems, Roof-Top Tanks, Commercial Swimming Pools, Sewage Systems and Aquamarine Environments.

For eco-friendly water purification, Aligator is the natural choice. Contact us today >

Aligator Systems are a UK based company and are members of the swimming pool equipment manufacturer’s trade organisation in the UK known as SPATA (Swimming Pool Allied Trade Association).