Microtech Aligator Included for Copper on Article 95 BPD Listing

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As from the 1st September 2015 any company that uses a biocide (any substance used as a biocidal agent) that is not on the Article 95 list for product types to which the product belongs will be withdrawn from the European market place.

See link to view the announcement on the ECHA (European Chemical Agency)


Microtech Aligator are founder members of the Copper Task Force and are therefore included in the Article 95 list for copper.  This means that Microtech Aligator will not be affected by the Biocidal Products Directive September 2015 deadline and will be able to use their products to successfully control  algae bacteria on swimming pools and animal pools throughout the UK and Europe.

Microtech Aligator are supplied with silver from Pro-Economy who are founder members of the Silver Task Force and are listed on the Article 95 list.  This agreement makes Microtech Aligator compliant with silver with Article 95.


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