Aligator Electrodes


Aligator Electrodes for use only with the Aligator Water Purification System.

  • The Aligator Electrodes in the Aligator Water Purification System are composed of an alloy containing silver, copper and zinc. Silver kills bacteria, copper kills algae, and the addition of zinc broadens the killing range to include black algae, which is especially common in warmer climates
  • The Aligator Electrodes are electroplated with fine silver and individually packaged in soft tissue for protection
  • Replacing the Aligator Electrodes is quick and easy
  • Full instructions can be found in the Aligator Operations Manual

Product Composition Guarantee

The construction and composition of these unique electrodes has been arrived at after many years or research. They have been constructed in such a way as to allow the even generation and production of energized ions over the whole surface of the electrode during its life. Each production batch is assayed to make sure the correct levels of metals are present.

Providing the correct water balance is maintained, the electrodes will wear evenly down to the size of a pencil at which point they should be changed. They are 99% self-cleaning and do not normally require attention. However, when first fitted they may need attention after a few days depending on the contamination of the water they are placed in. Refer to the handbook for more information.

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