Microtech-Aligator have completed the installation of a copper dosing , ionisation system, on the new 750m3 Seal pool at Banham Zoo Norwich.

The system consists of 3 BCU units and 5 commercial ionisation chambers.


‘I’ve never dived in anything like it’

Olympic Pool in Rio

Should have gone to Aligator!

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The exhibition is to be held in Singapore at the Sands Expo and convention centre, Marina Bay sands on May 20th and 21st David Dunn and Stephen Conway will be exhibiting the Aligator system and plan to expand the operations in Asia.

UKTI have supported the visit and attendance at the exhibition

David Dunn proved something of a one man export drive when he took his Aligator Swimming Pool purification system to the Caribbean – and successfully launched the product into Antigua.

“We are very proud of it,’ says David, “it shows one small company’s efforts to export and just how successful you can be with the correct planning, presentation and a good product.”

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Penguin Beach recreates a South American Beach Landscape in the heart of London with stunning colonies of Blackfooted, Rock Hopper, Humboldt and Macaroni Penguins. The exhibits 1200 square meter pool is four times bigger and three times deeper that the Zoo’s old pool and will hold 450,00 litres of water.

The Microtech-Aligator Water Purification System was installed by Marine Aquaculture. The six ionisation chambers will prevent algae growth in the algae growth in the new pool, which will reflect in the clarity of the water.