Scott Jaynes, St. Kitts, West Indies“My Aligator system was installed on my St. Kitts infinity edge swimming pool in August of 2010. The pool was two years old and it had been a “salt” pool from the day it was completed. The salt water would spill over the trough in high winds and was killing the grass and shrubs planted below.

After draining and refilling the pool with fresh water after installation of the Aligator it took about two months for the Aligator system to fully “treat” the water.

My wife and I are really enjoying the clarity of the pool water as well as the grounds below the infinity edge are now supporting grass and plant life again! I can now use my “backwash” water as irrigation water with no fear of salt contamination.

The Aligator system is such an easy system to use, has performed wonderfully, and has exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend it!”