Milsom HotelsMicrotech-Aligator provides crystal clear water for Maison Talbooth Hotel.

The Challenge
To provide the luxurious Maison Talbooth Hotel guests with crystal clear swimming pool water for a great swimming experience throughout the year.

The Solution
Aligator Systems UK Ltd and Kingfisher Poolcare Ltd provided and installed a commercial MicrotechAligator Systems specifically designed for the UK Hotel and Leisure Market.

The Result
Paul Milsom, Managing Director states that, “After only 3 months we have reduced the amount of chlorine we use by over half. The benefit of this is significant, not just in terms of time and cost, but also by improved water clarity and enjoyment of the pool, and those with sensitive skin have noticed the difference. It is such a simple system to use and it has exceeded our expectations, I therefore highly recommend it”.