IbizaI was first made aware of the Aligator System for Swimming pools some years ago when my sister fitted one to her pool in the UK.   The  water is always crystal clear and there is no strong smell of chlorine.

When we built our swimming pool at our home on the island of Ibiza last year, the obvious  choice was to fit an Aligator System, having seen the results achieved by it in the UK my only doubt was that it would not be able to maintain the water to such a high standard due to the extremely  high temperatures  in the Summer months and the extreme bather load of our swimming pool.

This doubt was completely unfounded as the Aligator has maintained  the pool water crystal clear with the minimum amount of chlorine and no form of chemical anti-algaecide treatment and as novice first-time pool  owners we were advised by various friends and professional swimming pool suppliers to expect our pool to turn green at some time in the first year of having it operational.

My children have enjoyed a full summers bathing without experiencing any sore eyes or skin irritation, and when they come out of the pool they don’t have the strong odour of chlorine in their hair and their swimwear that can be caused by highly chlorinated waters.  By keeping the chlorine to an absolute minimal amount we have the added bonus of being able to use the water from the backwash to irrigate the garden – this is an absolute god-send on an Island such as Ibiza where water supply is fairly limited.

All in all I cannot fault the Aligator System, In fact I have been so impressed by it, I have now decided to become a distributor of the Aligator System on the Island!