“It is with great pleasure that I write to thank you for for the revolutionary transfer of my humble swimming pool into one suitable to be on the face of a postcard to send to family and friends.

Our 13 X 4 meters pool was never satisfactory for the last 12 years. We always had problems with algae and when this was treated, the clarity was reasonable at best. As part of our refurbishment, we added a new skimmer and installed an aligator. Within days, something amazing happened which was not related to the rest of our refurbishment. The water turned into deep blue colour to reflect the beauty of the ceramic tiles and the constant (almost daily) check of chemicals reveals ideal values every time.

In a way, this has become a disadvantage! We now are embarking on a series of invitation to friends and relatives to show off and to enjoy the summer BBQ in a way we had never had before. We also developed a sudden interest in buying goggles to enjoy diving and admiring the underwater scenes. However, this spending spree is offset by the saving on unnecessary chemicals and the emotional satisfaction that we are experiencing.

Purchasing the aligator was the single most important step in the life of our swimming pool and I strongly recommend it to every swimming pool owner.”