Florida Pools & Spas, UK

“Florida Pools has been the sole Channel Island agent for the Aligator purification system for over ten years now, and after continued positive feedback from our clients I thought I’d pass on the information for your perusal.

During the mid 90’s I was looking for a way of sanitizing swimming pool water without the need for heavy chemical dosing. I, like many pool companies, had gone down the salt chlorination route as a substitute and was disillusioned with the results.

That is when I investigated the Aligator purification unit, having liked what the research I read was saying, I installed our first unit in May 1996. The Aligator performed better than expected, allowing for the pool chemical levels to be drastically reduced whilst giving almost total virus protection, and producing water that was sparklingly clear.

Since this first Aligator installation, and on the back of its growing excellent reputation, every new pool build I now undertake has an alligator unit fitted as standard. No longer do I have the scenario of swimming pools being left all week with the solar covers on, only for our clients to uncover them for the weekend use, to find cloudy or green water. This means we have many happy clients and as you know, it is impossible to put a value on the recommendation these clients give a company.

As our business expanded and we started undertaking swimming pool contracts for clients with ‘maison secondaires’ in France, so the Aligator unit came into its own again. These clients usually use these homes sporadically during the summer months and want the pool to be ready for use during these visits. The feedback received indicates the Aligator achieves this, by purifying the pool water when they are not there, ensuring the pool is ready for use on their arrival with minimal maintenance required.

In short David, what you have with the Aligator is a system of purifying swimming pool water that my clients find works extremely well. they are pleased because the feedback indicates it lowers their chlorine use and costs, gives them piece of mind against water born viruses and produces unsurpassed water clarity. I am pleased because our clients have confidence in my operation which extends to future products I can sell them.

On a personal note I wish you continued success with the Aligator purification unit and look forward to working with you in the future.”