“I am pleased to take this opportunity to say how delighted we are with the performance of the Aligator. We decided to fit the system following an extended visit by our daughter and her family from New Zealand, three years ago. Much though our grandchildren enjoyed the pool, two of them suffered significant skin reaction, which we could only attribute to the chlorine.

Last spring, on hearing of their proposed return, we began looking at alternatives to chlorine. You answered all the questions which we posed via our supplier, Jo Roberts of ‘Seek-a-Leek’ Pool Services, and we decided to fit the Aligator.

We were delighted to find that those same children had no skin problems. Furthermore the entire family has been impressed not only with the increased softness of the water, but also the spectacular level of clarity which has resulted.

My wife and I have no chlorine allergy problems ourselves, but naturally we are delighted with the dramatic reduction in its use. The small amount now needed means an absence of any smells, eye reactions or indeed any awareness of the minimal level of chlorine.

A happy experience – the system has delivered just what we hoped!”